Is SEO Part of Programming? An Expert's Perspective

Many people believe that SEO doesn't require technical or programming knowledge. But according to Flexisource IT's in-house SEO specialist, Roque Pospos, the answer is NO. SEO usually doesn't require coding knowledge, but it's a good skill to master. Most of the time, doing SEO doesn't require coding knowledge.

However, there is some basic HTML and CSS code you can find, and knowing some basic knowledge about the HTML and CSS programming languages can help you do SEO more effectively.Different redirects have different impacts on SEO; to learn more about the ranking power behind them, check out Moz's redirect best practices. A good meta description starts with a call to action and gives the reader a compelling reason why they should visit your website in less than 230 characters. To optimize your website for SEO, you can use file compression software to reduce the size of CSS, HTML, and Javascript files larger than 150 bytes, optimize the code by eliminating unnecessary characters, and improve server response time.You don't need to code a single line to be a great SEO. There's room in SEO for many different types of people.

Even though it's social media stuff instead of SEO, it's still one of those essential tasks for effective marketing and branding. Minification is a great way to improve SEO without affecting computer readability, as well as writing code that is easy to understand and read by humans.When you plan to do SEO on a website, it's important to start tracking your website traffic first to know if you're getting results. BrainStation's professional guidance from SEO specialists can help launch a lucrative career in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing.To make your SEO and marketing colleagues happy (and suspicious of what you really want from them), here are some things you can do: learn coding languages that can help automate many of the tasks that are normally done manually; understand the factors involved in your SEO strategy; use file compression software to reduce the size of CSS, HTML, and Javascript files larger than 150 bytes; optimize the code by eliminating unnecessary characters; improve server response time; write code that is easy to understand and read by humans.To be good at technical SEO, you must have at least working knowledge of all web programming languages. This will give you a better understanding of the technical part of a website that hones your SEO and analysis skills.

Technical SEO tactics can include indexing, rendering, and website architecture with the goal of making a website faster and easier for web crawlers to find and understand.WordPress developers are generally quite fortunate because some of the basic SEO considerations that other web developers need to deal with manually have already been covered for them.

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