Is HTML Better for SEO? A Comprehensive Guide

If you want to maintain total control over your SEO, a custom HTML website is the best option. But the first place Google will look for headline ideas is the title tag, and when a title tag is present, Google will most likely make it the main headline in the corresponding list. Optimizing the title tag gives you some control over how your page is represented in the SERP. Google doesn't always use meta description tags to create these snippets, but if the meta tag is there, it's very likely that your meta description will appear in the SERP.

However, sometimes Google ignores the meta description tag and instead quotes some text from the page. The main purpose of the alternative text of the image is to help users understand the image when it cannot be seen, and from an SEO perspective, alternative text is an important part of how images are indexed in Google search. Before the introduction of HTML5 elements, we mainly used div tags to divide the HTML code into separate components, and then we used classes and identifiers to further specify those components. With the introduction of the semantic elements of HTML5, we have a set of intuitive tags, each of which describes a separate page component.

Header tags are often used to divide content and make it easier to read. An important part of engaging the audience is using images. Around 48% of people will use a mobile search to find information about a product or business, so you need to focus your attention on adaptable and mobile designs. The title tag describes the topic of each page or part of the content on your website, and it does so in a way that search engines can understand.

This is where the title tag will be displayed in Google, and the keywords you target with your content should be in the title tag to tell search engines how they should rank you. Select the publication to which you want to add a title tag and write whatever you want as the title tag. Each page of your website should have a unique title tag. Right after the title tag, the meta tag is a must for anyone who takes their SEO seriously.

You need to have continuity between your title tag and your meta description so that search engines can easily recognize what you're going to talk about. Type a meta description in the box that includes your target keyword and is 160 characters or less. Header tags are very easy to include in your content. In an HTML editor, only include the tags for the front and end.

You can do the same for all other header tags. Including these header tags in any of your content is really simple. There are a few reasons why you should use header tags for SEO: they help organize content for readers; they help search engines understand what each page is about; they help search engines determine which parts of your content are more important than others; they help readers quickly scan through content; they help readers find what they're looking for faster; and they help search engines determine which parts of your content are more important than others.

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